Townsend Talks The Dark-Side Of Relationship Rebounds On “Responsible”

Those few months after getting out of a relationship can be full of highs and lows. Attempting to find any distraction to keep your mind off of the one you just lost, we let people into our lives without accepting the consequences. Nashville artist townsend comments on this through his new single “Responsible.”

Utilizing dark tones and melancholy chords, “Responsible” conveys the feeling of guilt from pursuing another person following a relationship. The instrumentation stays simple and builds throughout the song, as if it’s breathing through this built up pain. townsend acknowledges the manipulation factor, saying, “I’m calling you, saying everything I know that gets me in your room” as well as the empathy for the other person because he knows “how it hurts when you don’t have any closure.” The song as a whole doesn’t point fingers or asserts blame, rather it gives a glimpse of what else a broken heart endures.

Nashville’s John Townsend is a songwriter, musician and producer who releases music as “townsend.”


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