Kenny Sharp Is Timeless With Acoustic “Renege”

There are few voices that sound like they’ve lived a lifetime and more. This is true for Kenny Sharp. Labeled as “Black Liquor Music,” Sharp delivers soul/pop music riddled with elements of the blues, hip hop, and rock. This is especially true on his live acoustic recording of “Renege.”

“Renege” is a soulful tune that is modest in instrumentation, but flourishes in vocals and lyrics. Sharp’s voice is warm like a shot of whiskey, caressing every corner or your body into a moment of bliss. He also sings with such emotion that you can’t help but shed a tear for its beauty. You can feel each strum of the guitar rattle your bones as you’re swept away with the dynamic highs and lows of the tune. Sharp positions himself as a stellar songwriter, orienting the song around his beckoning statement: “Are you in? Are you out?” Sharp reminisces a memory about love that served as inspiration for the song, saying:

“I remember my Uncle John abruptly asking me one day if I’d had my heart broken yet. I’ll never forget when I said, ‘Yes,’ he just looked at me very sternly and said, ‘Good.’”

Formerly a rapper, Kenny Sharp gradually began shifting to singing over the past few years and has emerged with a sound all his own. While carefully selecting songs for his debut project, Kenny is currently splitting time between native Washington D.C. and work in Los Angeles as a songwriter under the Dr. Luke-owned Prescription Songs publishing company.

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