Sean Christopher’s calming, charming, and reassuring new single: “Stuck in A Moment”

With a year that seemed to last forever finally behind us, we can all relate to the sentiment of feeling “Stuck in A Moment”. However, Sean Christopher manages to squeeze every bit of positivity out of the stagnancy. The UK-based singer/songwriter/composer exists within the grey areas between soul, folk and pop on this bright and charming track. On “Stuck in A Moment”, Christopher is the calming voice that assures you everything will be alright as your nightmares unfold in front of you. 

A steady acoustic melody holds down the track as it gently expands and becomes more and more complex. Considering its folky nature, “Stuck in A Moment” is surprisingly atmospheric, filling every bit of the soundscape with complementary instrumentation, nevertheless maintaining its soft and simplistic charm. Most notable is Sean Christopher’s superb vocal tone which is truly special and unwaveringly likable. Warm vocal notes juxtapose the gravity of the lyrics to create an enjoyable and stress-relieving listening experience. Considering his past success, and the outstanding musical qualities of “Stuck in A Moment”, Sean Christopher’s latest single is bound to be a success and undoubtedly will provide much needed relief to many listeners. Sean has all of the tools to be a major success and has our full attention in a year that needs his sort of assurance and positivity.


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