Gracie Convert releases new single ‘Stay’

London based singer, songwriter and producer Gracie Convert returns with her latest single ‘Stay’, a rhythmic track about the narrators desire of wanting the other person to not leave.

‘Stay’ starts off with a jazz inspired piano melody, which accompanies Gracie throughout the song. She is known for her unique approach to raw and unapologetic lyrics which create a lot of relatability within this track. Gracie impresses with her silky vocals over the alternative beats.


Mixing R&B, soul and pop with jazz tones, Gracie creates her unique electric sound. She grew up in South Africa, France, Monaco and England and describes music as the only constant in her life. Gracie has previously garnered support from tastemakers such as Notion Magazine, Guap Mag and Earmilk. Her tracks have had radio backing from the likes of Jams Supernova on BBC 1 extra as well as Tom Robinson on BBC 6 and Jyoty on RINSE FM.

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