Upcoming singer and rapper More Ease releases debut EP ‘Ease Your Mind’

The independent Dutch artist More Ease just released his debut EP, a mix of mellow, funky summer vibes and emotional, sensual RnB jams. ‘Ease Your Mind’ consists of six tracks that take you on a personal rollercoaster of More Ease’s emotions and thoughts, highlighting his ups and downs, and high and lows.

The 20-year old singer and songwriter Maurice van Meer, who recorded the entire EP in his own bedroom, is incredibly happy with the result and excited to finally share it. He explains, “Over the last year, I’ve probably made music every single day in my bedroom studio together with my roommate/producer. After experimenting with a lot of different sounds and styles, I think I’ve finally found my sound. I selected my favourite 6 tracks and bundled them as my debut EP. I tried to make ‘Ease Your Mind’ as personal as possible, highlighting the highs as well as the lows in my daily life. The EP reflects my way of living and gives the listener and exclusive insight into my uncensored thoughts and honest emotions.

Inspired by Mac Miller, More Ease’s music is a mellow blend of RnB, Indie and Rap with Pop influences. He started making music at a young age and has ever since been building up an active fanbase.

Find More Ease on Spotify and YouTube


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