Ally Nicholas Is Caught In A Fatal Attraction With “Warning Signs”

Do you ever look at someone and think: “You’re so wrong for me; I want you.” Ally Nicholas approaches her latest tune “Warning Signs” from this idea and plays out how wanting someone so horribly wrong for her carries serious consequences.

The robust tune hits hard in both its glaring production and punchy lyrics. The song builds with every beat, making the chorus even more provocative when the young artist inquires: “Do you think you’re falling for me?” Following the narrative of your classic “crazy girl” and “narcissist” getting lost in a suspended feeling of love that’s absolutely drenched in toxicity, Ally Nicholas delivers a fresh alt-pop edge that drips in nostalgia and confidence.

Born and raised in Chicago, Ally Nicholas is a 22-year-old alternative artist bound to take your breath away with her unique, pitch perfect vocals. Currently based in Los Angeles, Nicholas’ journey has not been an easy one. Moving out to the Suburbs to attend private Catholic school, she lived most of teen years with a sense of disassociation, never feeling like she meshed well with the “preppiness” of her country club peers. Dropping out of NYU after freshman year, Nicholas couch surfed around New York until she found her place at home at an indie studio, Engine Room. From there, she started working toward her goal as a recording artist. In 2020, she acquired management and was linked with producers Peter Fenn and Val Fritz. In their first studio session, they recorded her debut track “Feels Like Dying”. The rest of the story is yet to be told.

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