NEXT UP: This Week, February 10th [PLAYLIST]

The music is groovin’ in 2021 and we’re finding so many artists who are creating art we just love! This week, our Next Up playlist will either funk you up, rock your socks off, or vibe into the unknown. Featuring the fresh sound of Axel Mansoor, the riddled flow of love-sadKID, the glaring confidence of Ally Nicholas, and the lush voices of Joy Oladokun and Jensen McRae, this round up is one not to miss. Check it out below and follow the playlist on Spotify to always know what’s Next Up!

Axel Mansoor, Abhi The Nomad – “kids can be so stupid”

Chet Faker – “Get High”

Nina Baumer – “Over Thinking”

CHYLD, EMAN8 – “breaks my heart to break yours (remix)”

love-sadKID, Garrett. – “Tightrope”

Pink Sweat$ – “Heaven”

TRACES – “Falling for You”

Ally Nicholas – “Warning Signs”

Chloe Tang – “Sad About Me”

GOLDSPACE – “Bad Love”

Andreas Moe – “Holding On”

LUXXURY – “Don’t Give Up (I Believe in You)”

James Vickery – “Somewhere, Out There”

Joy Oladokun, Jensen McRae – “wish you the best”

Gild Walton – “Convince My Mind”

daysormay – “Everything Is Changing”


Sara Diamond, noto – “Drugs in the Bathroom”

Tomi Saario – “Someone Like You”

Moncrieff – “DANCE”


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