Jacklen Ro Gets Real With Their Journey To The Land of the Stars On “Hollywood (I’m Good)”

The entertainment industry isn’t for the faint of heart. The weather may be nice, but there are a whole cast of characters you stumble across upon your arrival to Los Angeles. Sharing their take on the journey to Hollywood is Jacklen Ro with indie rock bop “Hollywood (I’m Good).”

Personifying the entertainment capital, the song carries a fun attitude that plays as a satire to city’s cruel, yet bewitching, climate. The glimmering electric guitars and choral harmonies emulate that feeling of heaven’s gates opening and finding the Holy Grail, but the duo throw in gritty vocals and indicative lyrics to remind you that everything isn’t always what it seems. Lines like “shit’s so hard till I was gone for good” and “I’ve been over sleeping and under eating and I just lost my crush” convey the trials and tribulations waiting for you upon your arrival to Hollywood.

“Hollywood (I’m Good)” is the latest from Jacklen Ro ahead of their EP release til there was you. With so much in store from this duo, Jacklen Ro is a band you definitely don’t want to miss out on!

One thought on “Jacklen Ro Gets Real With Their Journey To The Land of the Stars On “Hollywood (I’m Good)”

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