Mountain Bird Introduces Hard-Hitting New Single “Too Blue”

In a continuation of danceable tracks, Swedish songwriter and producer Mountain Bird releases his hard-hitting new track “Too Blue”. Inspired by the world’s downward spiral in mental health, the song tackles an often ‘taboo’ subject of being simultaneously privileged and depressed and our unwillingness to communicate with each other at times we need to the most. Human beings are too often drawn to material things to cope with their stress when really, it’s other humans who can ease the weight of the world rather than weigh it down. The bouncing synths and hard drum claps produce a sonic soundscape that sours with every chorus.

His vocals are vulnerable as he expresses relatable feelings of isolation as it pertains to the current pandemic. The obvious sadness sits in contrast with the lush electronic soundscapes as we are reminded of the moods and complexities of this current time in our world. Finding beauty in even the darkest of places, Mountain Bird wears his heart on his sleeve in a way that endears listeners across the globe.


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