Tessa Rae Awakes From The Haze Of Love In “Drunk Eyes”

Those first moments of love can feel like an endless bliss; a whirlwind of splendor and euphoria. But what happens when the gold rush is over? Tessa Rae remarks on that feeling of falling out of love and moving on with reality in her tune “Drunk Eyes.”

Though the tune is simple, it effortlessly depicts the loss of innocence one undergoes when navigating their way through an unhealthy relationship. The acoustic guitar holds a steady beat while Rae’s sweet voice lulls the enchanting melody. Mixed with the distant echoes of children playing and a theremin-like synth mimicking Rae’s afflictions, the song carries a childlike nature all while the young artist admits “I get lost in your drunk eyes.” This tune is no sweet lullaby to sing yourself to sleep, but rather a sad awakening that your wholesome beliefs of love are completely shattered.

Tessa Rae is an Oakland-born, LA-raised artist that mixes a lush indie-pop sound with her ethereal vocals. With talks of an EP in the works for sometime this year, this retro-pop artist isn’t missing a beat.


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