dad sports Releases Delightfully Catchy Single “nrvs again”

An endearing ode to believing in yourself, dad sports releases a head bobber with their new single “nrvs again”. The video follows a red headed girl through a sequence of goofy events in the comfort of one room, offering a lighthearted glimpse into some serious quarantine vibes. The danceable track has a way of keeping you moving from beginning to end – like something out of a tv show, the song holds strong sync potential. Humble and humanized, their voices draw you in as they hone their low-fi sound that fits well in the indie emo pop world. Ahead of their debut EP, set to release on March 19th, “nrvs again” is without a doubt a crowd pleaser.

“I wrote the chorus for this song 2018, before dad sports was even a thing. I had just met Keith, Alex had just picked up the bass, and I was just beginning to write music. I was still finding myself as an artist and was pretty (nrvs) about what others would think of my songs. These insecurities are what shaped the lyrics. For the next few years, we re-wrote the song over and over and over until we were finally happy with it. To us, the lyrics and the long songwriting process represent the time we spent learning how to do the whole music thing together. I realized that you’re always gonna be insecure in some way about your art, but that’s just part of the process of improving 🙂 🙂 Also I have Alex and Keith to tell me if my lyrics are shit now LOL.” – Miguel


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