OG Coolio Teams Up with AI & C.L.A.Y. for New Slap ‘Out Fa the Bag’ [VIDEO]

If she doesn’t know West Coast legend Coolio, she’s too young for you bro. The Grammy Award winning, multi-platinum artist may be best known for his classic, worldwide hit, “Gangsta’s Paradise“, but over the decades, Coolio has been able to keep things moving whether it be on TV, in the studio or in the kitchen. While, “Gangsta’s Paradise”, continues to get play in every corner of the world, it seems Coolio is still set on giving fans more of what they love.

Today, Coolio released a new single, “Out Fa the Bag“, and it brings his sound in a whole new direction. Produced by DJ Wino and featuring AI and C.L.A.Y., the three MC’s take turns delivering hard-hitting bars over a bouncy, percolating production. With a catchy hook bringing setting the tone, all three MC’s attack their verses, bringing slick dynamics and undeniable energy throughout the song. With a much more current vibe than what we are used to from Coolio, “Out Fa the Bag”, shows that he a’int done yet. Head over to your favorite platform and check this one out.


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