Nick Sanza Brings the Sauce on ‘The View’

As a New Yorker myself, I alway get a bit extra excited when I find dope new artists from home. Most recently, I was introduced to Brooklyn based singer/songwriter Nick Sanza when his latest single, “The View“, landed in my inbox. Blending elements from Pop and R&B the up and coming artist delivers a smooth tune that is as intoxicating as it is enchanting.

Over a bouncy production that features slick guitar rhythms, slapping drums and sexy intricacies, Nick Sanza delivers a beautiful performance thank brings with it hints of Justin Timberlake and Khalid. With a dynamic voice that switches up throughout the song, “The View“, is a bubbly, sexy love song that grabs you from the very start and holds on until the end. About the new single, Nick Sanza says, “This song really came out of the feeling that being sexual is natural and, when balanced with respect and admiration, can make for a real good time.


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