Amanda Tenjford Releases New EP ‘Miss the Way You Missed Me’

Hailing from Norway, hotly-tipped singer/songwriter Amanda Tenjford has recently released her new body of work, “Missed the Way You Missed Me“. Busy at work in the studio, studying and working in a hospital, the multi-talented Tenjford has been turning heads for several years now with her dynamic vocals and introspective songwriting. Delivering tasty pop gems that resonate the world over, her latest release is only the latest proof of her undeniable talent. With a massive Norwegian arena tour already under her belt and millions of streams from around the world pouring in, Amanda Tenjford is without a doubt one of the most exciting Norwegian Pop artists of the last several years.

While 2020 may have put a damper on the music industry as a whole and live gigs were limited for everyone including Amanda Tenjford, the chaos of the world has not slowed down the buzzing Norwegian export. Having already performed at massive festivals like Great Escape Festival, Trollrock, Iceland Airwaves, Eurosonic, JaJaJa and by:Larm, I have no doubt that we will be seeing a lot more of Amanda Tenjford when fans are allowed to flock back to shows.

With such an impressive new release to share with the world, I would expect that Amanda Tenjford is more than ready to give these tunes the live treatment. Until then, make sure you stream the hell out of this project. I promise you won’t be disappointed!


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