Producer Kadebostany Releases Haunting New Music Video feat. Valeria Stoica

Quick off the heels of its audio release, “Take Me To The Moon” featuring vocalist Valeria Stoica introduces yet another new world from DJ/Producer Kadebostany. Shot in Switzerland, Valeria is seen traveling to obscure and extraordinary locations with Kadebostany’s dead body. The beauty of the landscape distracts from the fact that the DJ is not alive but rather, he appears as a morbid accessory to Valeria’s journey. The gorgeous cinematography allows Valeria’s soft and haunting vocals to flow seamlessly throughout. Our favorite shot? Easily the aerial view of the two artists laying on top of airplane wings. The cinematic perspectives are truly mind blowing.

The pop single has a certain charm to it; the two artists posses an organic synergy that almost takes you to another planet. Lighthearted harmonies pair well with the video’s subtle element of fantasy, helping to put the listener under a spell. Elegant guitar melodies, bold beats and electronic soundscapes create an atmosphere that you will definitely want to revisit. With over 1 billion streams on streaming platforms, over 500 shows performed the latest years in more than 25 countries, and several singles which hit the top 10 in more than 30 countries, Kadebostany’s new single adds to his incredible momentum. We can’t wait to see what comes next.


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