The Sunshine State Doesn’t Let Secrets Destroy Her Romance On “Dating A Drug Dealer”

Every new couple keeps details of their lives on the down-low, but The Sunshine State faced the craziest one of all: the person she was dating was a drug dealer. The new tune “Dating A Drug Dealer” by Skyler Stonestreet’s new project The Sunshine State, is an indie pop/rock ride through the realization of figuring out your partner’s true line of work.  

The song is warm and glassy, with Sunshine’s sweet voice synonymously front and center with the hazy guitars and surging drums. The lyrics are catchy and amusing as we’re led through this seemingly normal relationship with little hints of oddities, like “best not to question how did you make that dough” and “don’t even gotta mention, how you got your mansion.” But the romantic feelings were worth these moments of question marks, as The Sunshine State muses:

“Well the song title is pretty self explanatory… but this song is about a romance that was fleeting and ultimately destructed itself. But for a moment, I was very in the moment with someone who had a lot of secrets that I was ok with him keeping.

“Dating A Drug Dealer” follows the release of the anthemic ode to reckless youth “Things Changed” and debut single “Cliff Drive,” which catapulted The Sunshine State as an artist to watch in the new year.

Photo by: Lexi Johnson

2 thoughts on “The Sunshine State Doesn’t Let Secrets Destroy Her Romance On “Dating A Drug Dealer”

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