Rosie Darling Seeks To Be Heard On “Water Me Down”

Everyone deserves the chance to be seen and heard. Our feelings are valid emotions that shouldn’t be shut down and turned into something they are not. This sentiment is echoed on Rosie Darling’s new, gorgeous pop cut “Water Me Down.”

The tune’s atmospheric presence and chill mood pulls you into an emotional space and allows you to absorb every sound and lyric. The light production is steady and opens up a generous amount of room for Darling’s sweet and echoing vocals. Paddling between moments of suspense and rhythm, the song carries feelings of clarity and renewed strength.

With her first EP Coping slated for April 2nd, Rosie Darling is writing all of your new favorite sad songs. The LA artist released her debut single “Coping” late last year. The song was co-written with Justin Gammella (Lennon Stella, FINNEAS, Carlie Hanson), produced by Andy Seltzer (Maggie Rogers, Chelsea Cutler, Shallou) & mixed by Michael Brauer (Coldplay, Vance Joy).

One thought on “Rosie Darling Seeks To Be Heard On “Water Me Down”

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