Saint Djuni is a very recent project formed by Clifford Golio (Bakermat, Jeremy Renner, & Bone Thugs and Harmony) and Rasmus Viberg (Next to Neon, MOMENT). The two friends met in two different countries and formed this project in the early days of the novel Corona Virus pandemic and have not been able to stop making music together, ever since. Weird Year is the fifth single to come from the duo, and the title could not possibly be more spoton. The pandemic year has teetered on chaotic, depressing, and generally tough for a lot of people, while being a year of self-discovery and reflection for others, offering an opportunity to reset. In a year with the lowest lows and some of the highest highs, unveiling themselves before the public, Saint Djuni has brought us a deep, feel good track, that reminds us to “eliminate the negatives and ride the positives” while learning to understand our current situation throughout the world.

With lyrics like, “Catching Big Waves, surfing on the Internet” the duo is making some too. Through their mission to create music that just feels right, Saint Djuni is bringing some light into a dark, Weird Year. With a clean, Maroon 5-esque sound, The talented duo is delivering music the world needs, and maybe more importantly, needs to hear. I am digging this music group and I look forward to more music coming from Clifford and Rasmus through the atmosphere! “It’s been a weird, weird year, but I’m still here.” Let ’em know, boys!

Listen to more from Saint Djuni, here:


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