Drax Project Brings The Summer Vibes With Sunny Song “Over It”

One of New Zealand’s hottest acts, Drax Project, is leading the charge of emerging talent from the country and boasting genre-bending music. Their newest tune “Over It” is a shimmery tune fit for the intimacy of your headphones or blasting in a packed stadium.

Led by the luscious Spanish-inspired guitar line, the song carries influences of pop, R&B, and hints of EDM. The four-on-the-floor drive of the kick builds the tune’s anthemic appeal as the bass provides a bit of funk to the earworm-laced hook. The lyrical content explores the hard parts of moving on from a past relationship, at points “crossing all the lines.” The band best summarizes the song’s story, saying:

“It’s about wondering why this person keeps coming back after you ended a relationship. You’re trying to get over them, but you still vibe with them so it’s hard to let go.

Beginning as music students busking on the streets, Drax Project have grown into one of the most watched groups ever to come out of New Zealand. Through their own headline tours + international festival performances and opening for the likes of Ed Sheeran, Christina Aguilera, Lorde, Brian McKnight & Camila Cabello, the band have emerged as one of the world’s ‘must see’ young live acts. Singles off the self-titled debut (300/Universal) album have collected over 350 million streams worldwide and 15 Platinum certifications to date.

One thought on “Drax Project Brings The Summer Vibes With Sunny Song “Over It”

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