Next Up: This Week, March 31st [PLAYLIST]

Closing our March with a playlist filled of tunes to broaden your musical vernacular. This week, our Next Up playlist puts a handful of some amazing artists within view. Featuring the perfect pop-rock concoction by Slush Puppy, the latest by syd B, and the sweetest sounds of David Unlayao, there’s no doubt you can find your next obsession here. Check it out below and don’t forget to follow the playlist on Spotify so you always know what’s Next Up!

j. pastel – “Senegal”

Drax Project – “Over It”

ELIO – “Jackie Onasssis”

Slush Puppy – “Juliette”

Savanah Sgro – “Until We Drink”

syd B – “Freezing”

DWY – “You & Me”

Sam Dew – “NTWFL”

Soft Glas – “Fraud”

Marisa Maino – “BITTER”

Devin Kennedy – “Hurt U”

Sarah Barrios – “Pretty In Pink”

Charlotte Jane – “Down Days”

Becky Hill – “Last Time”

Joseph Noah – “Jetpacc”

AVIV – “Lonely Bitch”

carobae – “Talking to Myself”

David Unlayao – “Flying Blind”

Daimy Lotus – “Good For Me”

Josiah and the Bonnevilles – “Stolen Love”


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