Riley Whittaker Recounts Lost Love On Indie Pop Tune “Billy”

It’s easy to dream of simpler times, when all you did was play, dream, laugh, and love. On her newest tune “Billy,” Riley Whittaker takes us into a realm where childlike fantasy has been infected by the harsh truths of life.

The tune carries nostalgic feelings mixed with childlike wonder and adult realities. The tune is simple, allowing Whittaker’s vocals to lull the song’s mesmerizing melody. Her lyrics inspire hints of childhood frailties and fascination, like the “monsters that come out at night” and “head and heart at war.” The guitar riff and drum beat lay down a perfect tempo while the production builds into a chill indie pop tune that provides space for any daydreamer to get lost in their imagination.

Riley Whittaker is a 16-year-old singer-songwriter and musician originally from Arizona and currently living in Nashville. Riley has performed throughout Arizona, California and Nashville, recently performing at the 2020 NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA. Riley currently has seven singles released and shows no sign of stopping as she is also working on her upcoming EP.

One thought on “Riley Whittaker Recounts Lost Love On Indie Pop Tune “Billy”

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