Nashville Singer-Songwriter David Unlayao Chases Dreams in Catchy New Single “Flying Blind”

Filipino-American singer-songwriter David Unlayao presents smooth lyrical stylings in his latest single “Flying Blind”. An anthem for anyone who has left the comforts of home in order to better themselves, “Flying Blind” was written about David’s decision to uproot his life and move to Nashville to become a successful singer-songwriter. But while this is about his dream, it’s also a song for all of the dreamers out there who weren’t afraid to step outside of their comfort zones. The relatable single is an easy going vibe – his pop-country sensibilities produce and incredibly unique sound that will serve him well in Music City.

Drawing influences from Bruno Mars & Thomas Rhett, David creates Pop-Country music with a hint of folk that invoke the climactic feeling of finally kissing the girl of your dreams. And the new single is definitely a vibe; while it may feel like he’s flying blindly into his dreams…he’s really not. David is focused now more than ever before as he pursues this new chapter in his life, and we can’t wait to see his dreams come to fruition.


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