penelope Q channels early 2000s pop in her heartfelt bop “Easy Way Out” (ft. Adam Turley)

New York-based artist penelope Q has dropped her infectious new single and accompanying visualizer for “Easy Way Out” (ft. Adam Turley). The track has some undeniable references to early 2000s pop and the “hook-heavy” and heartfelt indie pop of yesteryear (think Florence and the Machine, HAIM). With its ultra-catchy chorus, mesmerizing vocal cadences, and atmosphere building opening guitar, we think this track is a certifiable bop that indie and pop fans alike are going to love.

The accompanying visualizer is equally impressive and a whole Pinterest aesthetic on its own. Featuring purple-hued imagery interspersed between playful shorts from cartoons and “behind-the-scenes” style video of penelope Q on set, it’s a whole vibe. Check out “Easy Way Out” and it’s visualizer below:


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