Jet City Sports Club are a four piece indie/rock band, hailing from Sydney, Australia. The band formed in June 2020, just as the Corona Virus pandemic had the city of Sydney in lockdown and were hitting the studio together in a matter of months. The bands infectious music is rooted around their guitar-driven sound that brings together a mix of influences ranging from 90’s guitar rock to Britpop. While lo-fi in nature, Redfern Station sports an arena sized chorus, begging to be sung in harmony by enormous crowds all feeling the same emotional connection to their city and the music.

The lyrics and vulnerability in the voice of lead singer Lilla Obradovic, create a sense of longing, dreaminess and capture a moment in time. Descriptive as the lyrics are, you can almost feel yourself in that moment, watching as the sunsets over Redfern Station. Along with the music of other band members Jack O’Connor, Sebastian de Haas, and Dominic Maher, it’s easy to get lost in the sound that Jet City Sports Club is creating.

Jet City Sports Club is creating some great, indie/rock music that is easy listening and even easier to sing along with, do yourself a favor and check them out!

Listen to more music from Jet City Sports Club, here:


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