Sarah Proctor Is Stunning On Acoustic Version of “The Breaks”

Previously releasing her single “The Breaks” to widespread reception, Sarah Proctor now follows up with an acoustic twist on the heartfelt tune. Creating a metaphor between the waves of the ocean and the ups and downs of life, “The Breaks (Acoustic)” emulates this in a new, musical way.

The original single utilized a piano and very minimal production to create the sense of peace when you find stillness in life. This acoustic version brings the tune to life through an electric guitar accompaniment that compliments Proctor’s deep lyrics and elegant vocals. Sharing reflective lines likes “I could be lost here forever if I didn’t have more faith” and “if I go down with the devil, then that would be my mistake” echo over the guitar’s pulsing ostinato. The song is a ray of light in the sea of darkness; a hopeful reminder that this too shall pass.

Sarah Proctor is a singer-songwriter based in Billingham in North England. She’s received widespread acclaim from Wonderland Magazine, CLASH Magazine, Atwood Magazine, and more as she tells her story through a series of 2021 singles and an upcoming debut album. Sarah may hail from a small town, but possesses a singular ability to project feelings translucently in between sparse guitar chords and minimal production.


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