LØLØ Is Dark And Reflective On Twisted Love Song “death wish”

We all handle death differently–death of a loved one, death of a pet, or even the death of a relationship. Toronto indie pop star LØLØ uses this concept to describe her luck in the love department and how all these relationships tend to end tragically on her newest single “death wish.”

The tune is carried by a hard-hitting pop-rock edge and features the artist’s quirky lyrics. The instrumentation immaculately balances both the shiny nature of pop along with the gritty sound of rock. The beat has that natural head bop that progressively gets more aggressive as the song continues. Overall, this song will simultaneously resurrect your emo phase once you hear and have you shouting till your throat burns. LØLØ drew upon a traumatic childhood experience with this tune, saying:

“I was 5 years old when I accidentally killed Goldy, my first (of many) goldfish. I remember being absolutely heartbroken, knowing that it was MY FAULT that my new friend was gone forever. […] but now that I’m all ‘grown up,’ my knack for killing things has escalated to relationships. Every time I start to feel like I might be in love, it always ends up just like Goldy – in the toilet. I used to always think it was the guy’s fault, but I’ve come to the conclusion that I might actually be the one to blame, thanks to my impeccable ability to self-sabotage. So believe it or not, in my own twisted way, “death wish” is actually a love song — but with a very clear disclaimer: LOVE ME AT YOUR OWN RISK 🙂

You can hear LØLØ shout out Goldy in the second verse when she sings: “I’ve got a poison kiss, graveyard of fish I flushed down the toilet.” There is rich lyrical content within the song that you can’t help but feel connected to each second that passes by while listening. We’ve all been there, declaring the time of death of a failed relationship with “those three little words…R-I-P.” LØLØ captures this essence all while asking herself where she holds accountability in all of this turmoil.


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