Next Up: This Week, April 28th [PLAYLIST]

This week, our Next Up playlist beckons to be heard, and there’s a plethora of artists here worthy of your ears. Featuring the rapture of Emmit Fenn, the soul of Halima, and the many shades of Houston Kendrick, you’re sure to find an artist you’ll love. Check it out below and don’t forget to follow the playlist on Spotify so you always know who’s Next Up!

daysormay – “The Trend”

Hanne Mjøen – “Hell With You”

Olivia Lunny – “Sad To See You Happy”

Gavin Haley – “Lonely Boy Attire”

Gabe James – “Julia”

Emmit Fenn – “Colors”

YAS – “for free”

Carter Ace – “Frozen

Halima – “Downtown”

syd B, Floyd Fuji – “Guilt Trip”

Joshua Bassett – “Lie Lie Lie”

NoMBe – “Boys Don’t Cry”

EVAN GIIA – “Stay Up”

Houston Kendrick – “Good Evening, Tennessee”

SEB – “Coney Island”

Aly & AJ – “Don’t Need Nothing”

Sara Kays – “Backseat Rider”

Rosie Darling – “Witness”

SILKIN – “Remember Me”

Lucy Park – “True To You”


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