Evan Blum Duets With Lucy Clearwater On Tender Tune “Good In You”

It’s easier to give in to people’s flaws rather than fighting for the good side of them. The right partner makes that all the easier. Taking on this message and departing from his bite-sized pop-hybrids, Evan Blum delivers conversational tune with Lucy Clearwater “Good In You.”

The song creates an intimate environment by honing in on the acoustic instruments and putting Blum and Clearwater’s voices front and center. The acoustic guitar and warm piano create a hopeful and emotional soundscape, perfect for supporting the vocal chemistry between our duo. Telling the story of a devoted relationship, it’s hard not to feel emotionally invested by lines like “I don’t want nobody else” and “with everything we have, even when it’s bad, I can always find the good in you.” The back and forth between Blum and Clearwater provides relational anecdotes, ending with a beautiful resolve and a testament to fighting for the best in others.

Evan Blum is a songwriter, producer, and singer based out of Los Angeles, California. Working alongside multiple Grammy award-winning producers and writers, his online videos have gained millions of views collectively. Featured on Billboard, Huffington Post, Refinery29 and Teen Vogue, Blum’s music is dynamic and eclectic, running the gamut of upbeat and quirky pop gems to mellow and heartfelt acoustic ballads. Drawing from musical influences like The Beatles, Eminem, Jack Johnson, and Max Martin, Blum’s music makes its way into your ears and buys real estate—his hooks are impossible to forget, and his lyrics stay with you for the long haul.


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