Ellie D. Mourns Lost Love With “Miss You”

Relationships were truly tested this past year. Some couples made the brave choice to quarantine together, seeing whether the notion of living together was indeed a reality for their relationship. Some experienced their love life fall to the wayside, ending unexpectedly. Indie pop artist ellie d. chronicles a similar encounter on her newest single “Miss You.”

The chill pop tune carries a minimal nature, but constructs itself into a dreamy piece that denotes an underlying melancholy tone. The production interjects heavenly moments that accent the gentle and sad lyrical content. You can’t help but feel consumed by the instrumental as it flourishes after each “miss you,” beckoning heartbreak and dejection, but delivered in a composed and mindful manner. ellie d. shares that this tune played a part in providing closure, saying: 

“I wrote this song one night a week or so after an intense relationship suddenly ended. This was a product of my shock and disbelief in the moment. I sent a demo to my producer immediately. When he sent back the first pass, I teared up. Music is such a cathartic process for me. This song is closure for me. One minute you are heartbroken, crying in bed for the 3rd night in a row, and the next minute you have forgotten what that pain even felt like, no longer making excuses for that person to contact you. I hope listeners feel their own sense of closure and understanding, no matter what they lost.

ellie d. is an LA native who has a clear love for everything California. Since her viral chill pop collaboration with Rando of “Passionfruit” by Drake, amassed over a million streams on Spotify alone, ellie d. has continued to deliver her honest brand of vulnerable lyrics and catchy melodies. She has over 1000 voice memos on her phone, always pressing record on her thoughts. This stream of consciousness becomes her song lyrics, real and relatable.


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