jocelvn Is Cleaning House With “LAUNDRY”

The mystery space between friends and lovers is no place anyone wants to be. Those uncharted waters are an unmistakable gray area that leaves at least one person hurt. jocelvn uniquely describes these feelings on her latest upbeat, bedroom-pop single “LAUNDRY.”

The tune is a bit more indie, alternative leaning compared to jocelvn’s undeniable R&B inspired sound. With a light danceability and vintage flair, the song carries hues of nostalgic young love. The versatile artist is awash with emotion as she states, “and so I’ll throw all of these clothes in the laundry, hopin’ it doesn’t wash away all our memories.” Her smooth vocals resonate these sentiments and accept whatever the answer may be by “throwing all these clothes in the laundry.” There’s more to unpack than clothes when a broken heart is at stake.

“LAUNDRY” is one more glimpse into jocelvn’s dynamic songwriting style and artistic duality. This turn of sonic style has us wondering what will come next from the talented artist.

Raised in Walnut, CA and Taipei, Taiwan, jocelvn first discovered her love of songwriting at the age of twelve after listening to John Mayer’s entire discography and teaching herself how to play those songs on the guitar. Her sound comes from intuitively blending alternative rock with 90s R&B and creating a mature and soulful sound. She debuted with her single “Drowning” in September 2020 and then followed the release with her 6-track project Carry On.


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