A duo, based in Virginia, Nathan Towles and Cole Young are Vacation Manor. Since their debut in 2016 with EPGirl, Say, they have been steadily creating a pathway to imaginative locales with their music. “We try to put listeners in a physical space. Their ears inform where their imaginations go”.- says Nathan.

The two musicians do a good job of creating pseudophysical space through sonic consumption. For example, the clean guitar riffs set over a simple piano melody and steady standard rock beat, reminisce and transport you to a scene from an 80’s- early 90’s music video. You know, the one with the girl dancing in circles by herself at an overlook on a mountain… long curly hair flowing, while she kicks dust almost as high as where her high-waist jeans meet her Doc Martin’s. Alright, alright! So, I made that up but come on! You totally pictured what I was talking about, especially if you’re listening to Parachute, on repeat, like I am. Anyway, I digress…

Parachute is the latest single from Vacation Manor. The song is a fun Indie/Pop jam that boasts the spectrum of today and yesterday’s indie staples. The twangy-tele sound of the guitar riff and smooth background piano melody serve as a bridge to the days of bands like The Cure, while the lyrics stand their ground in a time, more current. A smartly-written and wonderfully-sung song, Parachute is about the feeling of wanting to give complete trust and fall 100% into a relationship, but holding back from the memory of past jading and burns. These days, in the times of dating apps and the inevitable “ghosting” of one or both parties, how could this tune be any more relevant?! The whole time a new couple is courting (as the kids say), you’ve got one foot out the door ready to make the break before they do. In the intellectual lyrics, the Parachute is that exact feeling we are talking about, and the song is about the need to shed that safety-net and fear of needing a parachute and jump in whole-heartedly.

Listen to more music from Vacation Manor, here:

Official Music Video for Parachute:


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