Next Up: This Week, June 9th [PLAYLIST]

This week, our Next Up playlist will hit your feelings hard and from all ends of the spectrum – happiness, sadness, anger, and everything in between. Featuring the electric vibe of Muroki, the blissful nature of danny G, and the crippling sadness from Amy Allen, you’re sure to find an artist you’ll love. Check it out and don’t forget to follow the playlist on Spotify so you always know who’s Next Up!

Sarah Kinsley – “The King”

LØLØ – “die without u”

RIIKI – “In the Moment”

Muroki – “Everything Else”

Joy Oladokun – “let it be me”

Sam Truth – “All My Dogs”

OSTON, JORDY – “How to Feel Human”

emlyn – “cruel world”

danny G, Graham Barham- “alright”

Samia – “Show Up”

Daya – “The Difference”

Amy Allen – “One”

ransom – “Come Over”

Grace Mitchell – “MANGO”

Belot – “Bed”

Yueku – “Mindreader”

Sara Diamond – “Goodbye”

Moody Joody – “I Feel Everything”

Heather Sommer – “i like you more in my dreams”

Jake Welsey Rogers – “Momentary”


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