CONVERSATIONS WITH YARLIE: New Single ‘Call of the Night’, Swedens Special Sauce and How Heartbreak lead to Launching the Project

With every new year comes a new batch of artists for me to obsess over. While we never really have year end lists and generally tend to hate trying to put artists in order or compare them to one another – there is no doubt that each new year brings a new bunch of artists that stand out above the rest for me. In 2021, Swedish newcomer YARLIE is surely setting her sites on being one of my top picks.

With only 3 singles under her belt and what I consider to be a criminally low monthly listener count on Spotify, YARLIE has connected with each of her first releases, bringing a vibe all her own and an authentic energy that permeates each tune she has blessed us with thus far. First grabbing my attention with debut, “Wreck“, YARLIE‘s latest single, “Call of the Night“, is by far my favorite to date and brings a massively triumphant feel along with it. With her signature tone and impressive range, she is able to deliver a dynamic performance that fires on all cylinders from beginning to end.

Over a dark, synthetic production that is as haunting as it is hard-hitting, YARLIE grabs hold and delivers a tune that will without a doubt be rocking in my personal playlists throughout the summer. To satisfy my craving and to get to know a bit more about about one of my favorite new artists, I reached out to YARLIE for a bit of a chat. After you add this jam to your collection, keep scrolling to check out what she had to say about her team, young love and how it has all coome to be.

RDFO: Since you launched your solo career, I have slowly but surely become obsessed with your sound. What is it about your tunes that helps you cut through in such an oversaturated indie scene?

YARLIE: I’m pretty sure it’s the combination of those analogue synths of mine, literally ground shaking 808’s and on the top of that – pop vocals with just a little bit (read: a lot) of heartbreak.

RDFO: Prior to launching YARLIE, in what capacity were you involved in music? Seeing how polished your songs and lyrics are, I can’t help but feel you were writing songs long before you launched this project.

YARLIE: Even though I quite recently started writing songs to release them, and become a super famous pop star obviously, I’ve always written. A lot. Everything between songs, poems and short novels.  Except for writing songs I’ve actually been involved with the music biz for quite some time, for example I’ve been on stage as a singer and pianist with several other Swedish artists for years – Zacke and Movits to mention a few.

RDFO: I love the way you are able to bring out a dark energy in the production even when writing prettier tunes like “Blush”. Who produced your first three singles and how long have you been working with them?

YARLIE: I love the way you describe my sound, that’s exactly the way I want them to feel – pretty and soft with a little hint of darkness.  All of the songs I’ve released so far, as well as my up coming debut EP, is produced by me and my good friend and co producer Zakarias Lekberg. On my latest single, “Call Of The Night”, we also had this amazing producer named Anders Rensfeldt on board on the production team.  I’ve been working with both of them for quite some time now, but in this constellation we’ve been working on this EP for about a year.

RDFO: Anyone that keeps up with RockDafuqOut knows that I have a thing for Swedish artists, particularly for the incredible level of songwriting that comes from the region. What is it about Sweden that you think helps to harbor such an impressive array of artists?

YARLIE: Yes, we do know our songwriting!  I wish I knew the secret but I don’t really. All I know is for me it’s the combination of Stockholms city pulse and the dark, ice cold mornings in my cottage way up north of Sweden.

RDFO: Was there one specific moment or turning point in the last year that helped you decide to launch YARLIE? How long had you contemplated this solo project before you took the leap?

YARLIE: I went through a major heartbreak last year, which made me pack my car with all of my synths and drive 14 hrs from my home in Stockholm to my cottage in this little village called Säivis in the north. Once I arrived, I spent a couple of days in my cottage – writing, singing, crying, dancing, drinking, producing and hitting the sauna. Then all of a sudden I just realized like oh this is actually some pretty solid song ideas, so I packed my car once again and drove to my hometown Luleå where Zakarias lives. We hit the studio, instantly fell in love with the sound we’d created and a few days later we had the beginning of a debut EP in our hands.

RDFO: While I have been a fan since the beginning, your new single, “Call of the Night”, is without a doubt my favorite so far. How did this song come together and what is it you are hoping listeners hold on to when they listen?

YARLIE: “Call Of The Night” is a comfort song for those who haven’t found their courage to be themself just yet, and at the same time it’s a celebration for those who has. The brave ones.  The inspiration for COTN is forbidden love. It might be forbidden because you don’t want to admit that you love who you love, or you aren’t allowed or whatever reason there might be to that feeling of a forbidden love story.  For me it was my first girlfriend, Emma, whom I met when I was 14 yrs old. She was so much braver than me, she was free and careless. I wasn’t. I didn’t dare to back then. But it’s also about my mom, who came out as lesbian in the early 90’s in this really small town – it goes without saying that takes some courage.

RDFO: Who are some of your biggest current musical inspirations? Any artists that you yourself can’t get enough of?

YARLIE: NAO, Francis and the lights, Madonna and Groove Coverage (started as a joke, it’s no longer a joke.)

RDFO: Since the first single, I can’t help but notice a certain level of polish and professionalism in your tunes. Is there anyone behind the scenes that you would like to shout out? Managers, friends, engineers, co-writers, etc.?

YARLIE: Except for my co producers, Lekberg and Rensfeldt, I’ve got so many talented people around me. For starters, Amanda Pousette, who’s basically just a creative genius who’ve helped me create everything from my logo to my upcoming music video. She’s my rock.  But yeah, there’s to many to mention them all by name, but basically my whole click is a bunch of geniuses. My yarlings.

RDFO: Outside of music, what are some of your hobbies? Do you work in another field, attend university or partake in any other activities outside of music that you are particularly passionate about?

YARLIE: I’m way to much of a analoge synthesizer nerd, I don’t have time for any other hobbies.

RDFO: What is up next for you and what is the end goal with YARLIE?

YARLIE: Next up is a music video for COTN coming out in just a couple of weeks, then I’ve got some gigs this summer and then when the darkness settles in the fall – I’ve got an EP coming for you.  The end goal is to take over the world with my pop music for cry dancing.

RDFO: Anything else you’d want our readers to know?

YARLIE: I 💜 RockDafuqOut


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