Unomas Releases Funky Disco Pop Record “Wildcard”

In their new funky disco-pop record “Wildcard”, Miami-based DJ-producer Unomas is joined by Berlin-based singer-songwriter WLZN with Dutch artist Alon supporting both on this danceable new single. A smooth ride from beginning to end, “Wildcard” energizes listeners through soaring vocals, buoyant synths and steady drum patterns that mimic a uniting ‘clap’, perfect for the dance floor. The larger than life feeling you get from “Wildcard” makes this the go-to track to blast in the club or in the car. A testament to their versatility, Alon and Unomas’ earlier collaborations just passed two million streams. All ears are on “Wildcard” as we continue to watch the streams climb.

Supported by some of the biggest names in the dance industry, UNOMAS has been named one of “Miami’s Top music producers” by DJ Mag. Releasing music on some of the biggest Labels such as Armada, Capitol Records, Spinnin’ Records, Toolroom, Ultra Music and many more.


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