Dear Sara Shares Every Side of Herself on Debut EP ‘I’m Not That Sad’

Swedish-native and songwriter Dear Sara poises herself as more than just any artist emerging on the scene. With a three-dimensional quality to her songs and her unique vocals accentuating her sound, Dear Sara soars with her debut EP I’m Not That Sad:).

The EP leads with an impactful start. Her tune “Stupid Things” is a gut-wrenching and soul-bearing song that shows a very personal side of Dear Sara right from the beginning. Contemplating the idea of love and how it affects her deepest thoughts and dreams, “Stupid Things” is full of touching lyrics and a beautiful arrangement that complement’s the song’s raw and enchanting nature. The production is driven by a melodic theme on mallets that merges with the top line and provides a nice bit of texture to Dear Sara’s sweet and smoky vocals. This song address love in many forms, as the artist shares:

“I hope that the listener can relate to the song no matter if they’re newly in love, just got dumped, single, married or just completely heartbroken.”

The EP also includes her dark-pop cover of “Californication” as well as new tune “Nobody;” a grungy-pop tune that adds a cool bit of brightness to the dark pop vibe. The record also includes her previously released single “Do Better,” a very relatable tune that is imaginative, playful and hypnotic. Ending with her powerful first single “Something You Should Know,” Dear Sara’s I’m Not That Sad:) makes for an extremely well-done debut EP.

Dear Sara launched her new music in 2021 with “Something You Should Know,” written by herself and fellow Northbound-signed Elias Näslin, who was recently nominated for an American Grammy with his contribution to rune “Slow Cooker” on John Legend’s latest album. As she rides this wave of her first EP, we look forward to what she’ll bring following this project!

One thought on “Dear Sara Shares Every Side of Herself on Debut EP ‘I’m Not That Sad’

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