Alex Beck Taps into Relatable LA-Loneliness in “Born to Lie”

Easily comparable to a peak Lana Del Rey, artist Alex Beck captures the extreme loneliness that many who have lived in the City of Angels can relate to. She brilliant encapsulates an empty LA feeling in her new hit “Born to Lie”; one riddled with awkward social dynamics fueled by the ego. While it can provide so much beauty, at what cost? And at what lengths will people go to in order to capture all of the “opportunities” that LA has to offer? And this doesn’t have to just apply to LA – anyone from a lonely old town can relate to the sentiment, giving Alex’s music genuine mainstream appeal. Instrumentally, the track feels larger than life, as her vocals soar over surf guitar riffs and soft drum patterns. Adding this to our ‘summer angst’ playlist…now!


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