“Lay Low” by bedfashion, the smile inducing pop jam you didn’t know you needed

We don’t know much about bedfashion, besides that his latest single “Lay Low” is a breath of fresh air and undeniably fun. The upandcomer has two tracks to his name so far but shows immense potential. It really seems like bedfashion has truly embraced a sound that is all his; funny, clever, and sweet pop music always has a place here. Keep an eye on this one, “Lay Low” has all the makings of a Summer smash and is suitable for any occasion. However, although it is very pop, bedfashion blurs the lines a bit and incorporates musical elements that are surprising but well-placed. How this infectious personality stayed hidden for so long is beyond me, I’m just grateful I’ve heard him now. 

“Lay Low” is rather all over the place in lyrical sentiment, in the best way. It’s a love-drunk bop that truly captures the sporadic excitement of new romance. Largely, the song seems as though it’s directed at one’s significant other, trying to figure out what to do but realizing that anything with them is more than okay. bedfashion summarizes his efforts on  “Lay Low” as “Exploring complex relationship dynamics and post-post-modernism through the guise of a sexy and fun, high energy pop tune”. How well put. That in mind, this electric single does exactly that; it incorporates new stylistic considerations seamlessly by utilizing bedfashion‘s charismatic, high-energy approach. “Lay Low” is a track that can light up a room, bring the night to a sitcom level of cheer, and most importantly provide smiles all around. Looking forward to hearing more from this refreshing character.

One thought on ““Lay Low” by bedfashion, the smile inducing pop jam you didn’t know you needed

  1. Nice article! I too hope bedfashion finds its place in the mainstream music world and on the FM airwaves. Very unique and refreshing music, lyrics and vocals. Can never go wrong with a hip sax solo too!



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