Dance Yourself Clean Celebrates the Return of Dance Parties with “Pull Me Down”

Indie-dance-party-collective-turned-artist Dance Yourself Clean is providing another musical rush with their latest single “Pull Me Down.” After being shut down for over a year, Dance Yourself Clean dropped the single in honor of the relaunch of their dance parties in the Los Angeles area.

“Pull Me Down” carries subtle nuances of a chill dance track. The production wraps you in a warm energy while also providing a calming feeling. The vocals are smooth and sweet as they carry the lyrical content of the top line and caress each note of the lulling melodies. The tune overall captures an essence of happiness and rejoices in the return of shows and dance parties, basking in music’s ability to ground us when everything around us seems to fill our head with nonsense.

Originally starting in Seattle, the weekly indie dance party will be enjoying their new home and world class venue in the Teragram Ballroom in Los Angeles every Saturday. The residency starts June 19th and the first show sold out in just a few hours. DYC has not only been a major influence on international nightlife, but they were also the first party to both tour and release original music.


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