Rachel Grae Shares The Consequence of Worrying With “Lived It Twice”

After being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, Michael J. Fox addressed concerns whether he was worried about the future with a poignant response: “If you worry about something and it happens, you’ll have lived it twice.” Burgeoning teenage pop star Rachel Grae was struck by these words of advice and they went on to serve as inspiration for her new song “Lived It Twice.”

First teasing the explosive pop tune on TikTok and resulting in fans begging for a release, “Lived It Twice” is a polished tune that exemplifies Grae’s amazing talents as a rising pop act. The catchy top line is full of unforgettable melodies and intentional lyrics that embody her vulnerable state and post-adolescent insecurities. The production is hard-hitting and complementary to Grae’s top line and vocal prowess. Both pack so much energy that you can not only hear, but feel the disparity and self-effacing emotions spilling out from every lyric. The thoughtful words are relatable and allow you to free yourself from the mental prison you’ve allowed your fears to run. The impactful chorus is enough to convince you to get out of your own head and try to live your life without the intent of living your worries twice over.

Rachel Grae grew up on the outskirts of New York City and started writing her own music from a young age. She wields an unmistakably dynamic voice that’s warm and enveloping with a range reminiscent of Kelly Clarkson and Demi Lovato. Her first single “Bad Timing” was co-written with Mike Campbell (Say Something — A Great Big World + Christina Aguilera) and Jeremy Silver (Pulse Music Group), and is a clear-headed rumination that corrects the narrative of a past relationship.


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