Next Up, This Week: July 7th [PLAYLIST]

Channeling some of our favorite indie sounds, this week our Next Up playlist pulls together crafted lyricism with innovative sounds. Featuring the explosive nature of Charlotte Sands, the sultry vibes of Sophia Lafuente, and the perfect lyrics of Cy, you’re sure to find an artist you’ll love. Check it out and don’t forget to follow the playlist on Spotify so you always know who’s Next Up!

Charlotte Sands – “Bad Day”

The Marías – “Hush”

Kaelin Kost – “4AM”

AVIV – “Black Coffee”


Rook Monroe – “Honey”

Elina – “Love Comes Around”

Seint Monet – “In Line And In Love”

Alt Bloom – “Old Kick Drum”

FLETCHER – “Healing”

Hauskey, Hope Tala – “One Minute”

Gatlin – “Hospital”

Sofia Lafuente – “Here Again”

Niko Rubio – “Bed”

PinkPantherss – “Passion”

Cautious Clay – “Whoa”

Savannah Sgro – “Bitch”

Cy – “Don’t Sleep With My Ex”

Nao – “Messy Love”

TITUS BANK – “I Do Yeah”


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