Track-by-Track: Nina Baumer Showcases Her Pop Dominance On New EP ‘Push & Pull’

Pop music may seem like an easy sound to accomplish, but there are many facets to it that make it undeniably limitless. Nina Baumer has found a way to capture the essence of polished pop in everything she does, and now she’s done so by combining it with her own sonic influences. Her new EP ‘Push & Pull’ utilizes snapshots of various pop sounds that chronicle the artist’s growth over the past year-and-a-half. We’re going to breakdown each song track-by-track and explore what makes this EP some of Nina’s finest work.

The newest song on the EP is the title track “Push & Pull.” The tune is extremely light-hearted and fun, though it carries a serious subject about relationships and finding balance in life and love. The production has a music box quality to it, as if it has harnessed acute sounds and memorable countermelodies that help shape the song’s overall paradoxical nature. Baumer’s lyrics help define the wants and needs of someone who has lived a very independent life and contemplates whether she gives as much to this relationship as she receives. Even the music video uses multiple colors to demonstrate how multifaceted people are and, in this case for Baumer, symbolizes the need to satisfy every part of herself at the same time. Baumer says:

“My relationship was so unbalanced at the time. We were not growing and evolving together but holding each other back because we did not understand each other. But it’s not just relationships that need this balance – it threads all throughout life.

The EP continues into the explosive electro-pop tune “Bad Excuse.” As we have mentioned before, “Bad Excuse” puts Baumer’s powerful vocals on full display and weaves in an infectious groove that will keep you dancing for hours. She uses a lot of catchy little one liners as we follow her through this perpetual cycle of a toxic relationship. No matter how much she wants to let go, she “finds another reason to run right back” again. It’s easy to get caught up in someone else, let alone this song. Baumer adds:

“Sometimes the person you’re seeing is just a bad excuse for not realizing that you are enough.

The next track is where we hear Nina take a hard left. “Breakdown, Baby” packs in mostly rock influences, but still utilizes pop melodies and a polished, radio-ready sound. The song has huge drums and a driving bass line that gets you pumped up. It makes you want to find a summer fling, “breakdown” with them, and “never wanna find the wrong” in them. No doubt that song packs all the energy you could want from a pop-rock tune and is perfect for showcasing Baumer’s natural stage presence. This song really inspired Nina to be open to trying something new, as she shares:

“Before this session, I listened to rock with my roommates and sang into my hairbrush as if I was rocking out to a stadium. The sentiment of this song comes from being locked up in quarantine, missing the stage and yearning to be reckless. I just wanted to try something new and get a little sexy. We need to play as artists – it’s how we discover who we are.”

“Breakdown, Baby” flows into another tune that’s not exactly pop. “Over Thinking” carries a lot of R&B nuances that make it a perfect tune to getting a bit sassy with. It’s the perfect confidence-booster when you find yourself falling into a rut and overthinking life’s frailties. She really lays it down for listeners, declaring she’s absolutely done with this monotonous state of thinking and is finally breaking free. The song was a follow up message to her “Bad Excuse,” saying:

“I was so over overthinking about my ‘bad excuse.’ My first crush in LA and I was losing my mind because I wasn’t getting the attention I wanted. This session and song gave me closure and I hope it does the same for any boss babes out there. BYE!

The EP ends with an encore-like tune that shines and shimmers like the chaotic world of love. “What Happens In Love” tells the story of two people being dazzled by the idea of each other only to find out that their love is a sham. Similar to the whirlwind nature of Las Vegas, the tune channels amazing imagery and glorified visuals that make it some of Nina’s most amazing lyrical work to date. As a nod to the catch phrase “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” Baumer digs deeper and says:

“Vegas is so exciting but when it ends you’d rather not share all the stories. Similarly, relationships can be exciting, wild and glamorous, but by the end you’re left with desolation.

The ‘Push & Pull’ EP is only the start for Baumer. After spending nearly two years figuring out the words and sounds she wanted to share with listeners, we’re excited to continue to watch her musical story unfold. This Los Angeles-based Aussie is sure to find her ways into the pop charts, just you wait. You can check out the full EP below:

Nina Baumer is a Chicago-born, Aussie-raised pop artist and singer/songwriter residing in Los Angeles. Though classically trained in musical theatre and opera from the ages of five to fourteen, Nina Baumer transitioned to a more contemporary sound after hearing powerhouse vocal performances from pop divas like Christina Aguilera, Beyoncé, and Whitney Houston. Around sixteen, Baumer started writing her own songs and continues to blend her influences with her diaristic and compelling music. Before moving to the United States, the young musician had already performed on shows such as Australia’s School Spectacular, The Netball World Cup Opening Ceremony (Fox, Foxtel), and The Voice – Australia, where judge Ricky Martin dubbed her “a natural performer and pop star.”

Photo credit: Eli Chavez


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