MAKN and Latch Team Up in “You Don’t Need Me Anymore”

Coming off of a two year hiatus of releasing new music, MAKN teams up with Latch in their vibey new hit “You Don’t Need Me Anymore”. The Swedish duo delivers a heartbreaking but vibey message in the new track, about letting go of someone you were once close to after realizing that maybe, they don’t need you anymore. Whether it’s a bad breakup, friendship or family dynamic, letting go of anyone is hard and MAKN captures that feeling perfectly with groovy synths and larger than life vocals by Latch, paired with a gloomy music video set in nature – a perfect setting for self-reflection. The heart wrenching tale will feel relatable to many and while the message is saddening, the duo does it justice with a highly anticipated danceable track, perfect for a rainy day playlist


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