R&B Producer Beso Palma Releases Groovy New Single “Without Measure”

Sydney-based producer Beso Palma has released her newest hit featuring Gia Vorne, “Without Measure”. A current approach to nostalgic R&B vibes, the new single delivers a humbling message about being there for loved ones when they need you, without expecting anything in return. The song operates out of a place of love and Gia’s authentic vocal delivery drives the message home in a humanized and approachable way. The concept of unconditional love feels difficult to come across these days, as we battle divisive times; however, artists like Beso Palma drive the importance of it home through danceable synths and lighthearted drum patterns to match. Having received placement on Spotify’s New Dance Beats playlist, the new single vibrantly blends unique messaging and rhythm and blues to appeal to a wide array of listeners across the globe.

“Without Measure” is the third single from Beso Palma’s upcoming debut EP, Us, out in October 2021.


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