German Artist LissA Teams up with Colorway in Honest New Single “YFSW”

YFSW is anything but shy; the honest and vulnerable single by German artists LissA an Colorway presents an atmospheric hit that is sure to get you up and onto the dance floor. Colorway is an upcoming Berlin-based producer who debuted on Robin Schulz’ label last year. The young artist surrounds LissA’s lines with sonically-pleasing beats, guitars and chops, a perfect combination for a chill yet fun-loving new hit. And LissA’s organic approach to vocal delivery is infectious; her vibrant vocals aren’t rigidly stuck on one sound. Originally writing all of her songs on her guitar, LissA’s approach starts minimal and gains momentum as she ascends both vocally and career-wise. Her explicit new track “YFSW” (we’ll let you guess the acronym) is sure to turn heads and LissA’s unique approach to her music is bound to resonate long-term.


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