Loi Releases Stunning Debut “Melody” [VIDEO]

Hailing from Germany, Leonie Greiner, better known as Loi has already made some major waves in the industry and she is just getting started. Having already garnered attention from artists like Ed Sheeran, Nena and Mark Forster since the tender age of 14, Loi is poised to make a long and lasting impression for years to come. With an incredibly impressive voice, dark tone and wide range carried Loi landed in the final round of “The Voice Kids” in 2017 and has only continued to fine-tune her sound ever since.

Now ready to take things to the next level, the buzzing teen has recently released her debut single, “Melody”, and it is an absolute gem. With her powerful and dynamic vocals guiding the way, clean and subtle production bring it all together to deliver a stand-out first single for Loi. One listen to her new single and it is easy to see that Loi has a natural talent that without a doubt helps her stand out amongst the rest.

While may singers catch my ear, Loi’s voice cuts through and leaves me wanting a whole lot more. Do yourself a favor and check this one out… you won’t be disappointed!


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