Zach Zoya Reflects On His Nomadic Lifestyle With “Understand”

The pandemic certainly halted all activity in the gig industry, causing a lot of touring artists to stay in one place longer than they ever had in years. Living a life on the road requires little weight in a personal life, but sometimes that means the people in your life need to acknowledge what you do isn’t normal and in turn provide a sense of normalcy for you. Rising Canadian artist Zach Zoya felt these effects deeply and comments on his formerly chaotic schedule with his latest single “Understand.”

The hard-hitting hip-hop track stacks intricate production lines, carefully crafted lyrics, and an undeniably contagious melody. The production is driven by an arpeggiated electric guitar line and a knocking 808, giving the tune a sweet underlying energy. All of this supports Zoya’s nostalgic dialogue as he paints a daydream of his former life on the road. Citing it as both a place full of life and one that can, in turn, develop unhealthy habits, Zoya says:

“The excitement of never knowing where you’re going next or what’s going to happen, who you’re going to meet or what you’re going to experience – that chaotic pace can make you feel so alive. But that lack of stability can also create a very unhealthy environment. You tend to rely on that one person in your life to carry the burden of this hectic lifestyle and they don’t always get the best of you.

Ahead of a prolific year, Zach Zoya is poised to be the next Canadian star to build a worldwide following. From the start, Zoya has made an effort to stand out not only sonically, but visually. The self-described cinephile’s videos are imaginative and bursting with life, most evident in the gleeful absurdism of his first single to be released this year, “Slurpee”, which Zoya describes as “a firework”. Both a technically skilled, silver-tongued rapper and a songwriter capable of unspooling knotty emotions through smooth vocal refrains, woozy melodies and agile flows, Zach Zoya is an artist to watch in this era of outside-the-box, genreless music.


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