Tess Anderson Bares All With “Don’t Believe In”

Sometimes we are held back by our own biases and fears that prevent us from living a life we truly desire. Tess Anderson explores this feeling of being on the side-line and imagining life through a lens of “what if’s” with her song “Don’t Believe In” off of her EP Onward.

The EP is a deep dive into Anderson’s masterful songwriting capabilities and showcases her beautiful craft to a magnificent extent. The tune “Don’t Believe In” narrates a haunting inner monologue about freedom and breaking free from the shackles of our own perceptions. Her voice floats over these delicate melodies that both act as a prayer and a plea. With many years under her belt honing in on her songwriting, she says:

“I want to create music that allows people to feel truly understood. When songwriting, I strive to be as honest, true, and genuine as I can. By letting you into the depths of my own raw emotions – be it the highest of highs or the lowest of lows – I hope that you can see a little bit of yourself in me.

Vancouver-based singer-songwriter Tess Anderson enchants audiences with her candid performances. Open and unapologetic, she invites listeners into her most vulnerable moments through honest and authentic storytelling. Whether alone on stage with nothing but a keyboard and a guitar, or backed by a full band, she’s been known to silence crowds with her captivating musical presence. Pulling inspiration everywhere from old-school jazz standards to modern pop, her sound is heavily driven by her unmistakable voice.


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