Eric Punzo Shares Anthemic Tune “Criminal”

Accepting both the light and dark sides of ourselves can channel true vulnerability and a power in individuality. Ontario-based artist Eric Punzo expresses his own truths through his new single “Criminal.”

The song puts forward both exceptional power as well as an authentic performance that exemplifies true introspection. Filled with heavy drums, a grooving bassline, and enchanting synth pads, the production is a well-crafted arrangement that compliments Punzo’s top line and delivers a standout performance on it’s own. All of these elements coupled with a catchy melody showcase all the strengths surrounding the artist’s pure art. Lyrics like “I’ve been living like a sinner you can see it in the way I smile” and “something I said I really hope it was delightful, insightful, cuz I don’t remember” glances into Punzo’s headspace as he navigates through his own demons, achievements, and opinions that define the life he’s truly living.

Eric Punzo is a 24 year old singer/songwriter from Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada. As someone who grew up relying on open-mic nights as the platform to share his art, Eric is no stranger to vulnerability – it’s the catalyst sparking his drive to create. Eric finds resolution in being open and honest; sharing his life and expressing his emotions through the music he writes has become a form of therapy. His unique and clever way of melding acoustic pop with melodic hip-hop paints a picture that is vivid and powerfully authentic.


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