NYC-based Songwriter BAYLI Releases Upbeat Single “foreigner”

Part of the symphony depicting young songwriter BAYLI’s coming of age, “foreigner” takes listeners on an upbeat, unique journey – an R&B-tinged tale of a memorable one night stand. As she walks the streets of NY, we get a vulnerable, authentic glimpse into yet another story off her latest project. Her songs’ anthemic production create an infectious, larger-than-life soundscape that we just can’t get enough of. Taking inspiration from her time in NY, “foreigner” is just one of many stories told about her experiences in the big apple and how they’ve influenced her music. BAYLI has found many opportunities working with commercial film/TV sync and creative collaborations (Bose, HBO, ABC, Nickelodeon, AT&T, Entourage: The Movie, Grown-ish, Barbie, The Bold Type, and The Brooklyn Nets, amongst many others). And her loveable new track “foreigner” is perfect for your weekend playlist.


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