Melbourne Artist Running Touch Releases New Single ’Ceilings’

Melbourne-based artist Running Touch released his latest single “Ceilings” and we’re getting incredibly nostalgic vibes. The upbeat new track blends synthetic instrumentation with notes of pop, indie and punk. The follow-up to the latest single “Juno”, “Ceilings” delivers a more anthemic sound that draws listeners in from the very beginning. Channeling a Calvin Harris / Daft Punk-vibe, Running Touch is creating his own unique sound as an extension of some pretty epic musical inspirations. The verses are meant to be various questions and problems and the abstract approach to songwriting blends seamlessly with the overarching synthetic soundscape.

Running Touch takes influences stretched across media formats – live performance, art, design, photography, literature, film – and combines them into a distinct vision that goes beyond music alone. He has acquired over 118 million global streams and achieved 4 x Gold singles for ‘My Hands’, ‘When I’m Around You’, ‘Better Together’ and ‘This Is Just To Say’. His monster track with Hayden James, ‘Better Together’ also gained him an APRA Award for Best Dance Work.  


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